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Cableway of Huaguo Mountain

Author:Huaguo Mountain scenic spot

The cableway of Huaguo Mountain was completed and put into use in June 28th, 1997. Starting from Jiulong Bridge, passing the Water Curtain Cave and reaching the Yunu Peak, the cableway has a total length of 1388 meters and a height gap of 420 meters, with 120 double-seat cabins altogether. The cableway provides the tourists with a fresh and peculiar way to take in the beautiful scenery of Huaguo Mountain scenic spot. Taking the cableway, you can appreciate Jiulong Briage, Pine trees, Water Curtain Cave, Yuhuang Pavilion, the statue of Yunu, Yingshu Pavilion and many other tourist attractions. At the same time, the fantastic scenes of grotesque peaks and stones, the rustling of pine trees and the gurgling water will bring you to the wonderland in fairy tales.