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Climate and appropriate tourism period

Author:Huaguo Mountain scenic spot
     Huaguo Mountain is located in the boundary of warm temperate zone and northern subtropical zone, and it is characterized by typical monsoon climate features, with four distinctive seasons, abundant sunshine, mild climate and moderate rainfall. The tourism period of Huaguo Mountain extends to all year around. In the spring, the mountain is decorated by blooming flowers and twittering birds. In the summer, waterfall plunges from high mountains. In the autumn, all the trees, flowers, plants and rocks provide a picturesque visual feast for visitors. In the winter, the mountain puts on its silver dress. In the sunny days, if you take a broad view in Huaguo Mountain, you can see the sun rising from horizon and many ships scatter in the boundless sea, and you may have the hallucination that you are in the heaven. In the rainy days, the mountain is enshrouded in the mist, which would engender you immerse in the wander land.