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Monk Tang in The Journey to the West

Author:Huaguo Mountain scenic spot

Monk Tang is a fictive character, who is quite different from the real person master Xuanzang. Monk Tang, whose family name is Chen, given name Yi, nick name Jiangliu, Buddhist name Xuanzang and literary name Sanzang. He is actually a reincarnation of Golden Cicada. He is a posthumous child whose father Chen E (courtesy name Guangrui) is awarded the first place in the national examination and whose mother, Yin Wenjiao (alternative name Manjiao), is the daughter of the prime minister who is also a founding father of Tang. His father follows the emperor’s order to be the prefect of Jiangzhou and sets off for this place. On the road to Jiangzhou, his father is killed and his corpse pushed into the river by a boatman named Liu Hong while his mother, unable to think of any other way out, stays with Liu Hong. Liu Hong takes up the post of the prefect of Jiangzhou under the name of Chen E.

One day, the Lord of the Southern Pole Star appears in Yin Wenjiao’s dream and tells her that the Goddess of Mercy will send her a son. After she gives birth to the child, she fears that Liu Hong will kill the child. Therefore, when Liu Hong goes out to work, she bites off the little toe of the child’s left foot to be an identifying mark, puts the baby on a wooden board in a river and attaches a blood letter. The baby floats downstream to the Jinshan temple and is brought up by the Abbot Faming who tonsures him when he is 18.

After Chen Guangrui sinks straight to the river bottom, he is saved by the Dragon King of the River Hong. Later he reunites with Xuanzang and Yin Wenjiao and Liu Hong is brought to justice. The family come together to the mansion of the premier in the capital and merrily celebrates their reunion. Chen E is appointed as the Scholar of the national academy by the Tang Emperor Li Shimin. As Xuanzang decides to follow the contemplative life he is sent to cultivate his conduct in the Hongfu temple. But his mother unexpectedly ends her own life. Hereafter, Xuanzang goes back to the Jinshan temple to pay back the Abbot Faming.

The Dragon King of the River Jing cuts down the amount of rain and begs the emperor to speak for him in front of Wei Zheng. However, Wei Zheng sleeps when he is playing chess with the emperor Taizong and beheads the dragon king in his dream. The ghost of the dragon king haunts around the emperor. Although Qin Qiong and Wei Chigong guard the door, the emperor still pass away. In the under world, the emperor gets help from Cui Yu and finally comes back to life. Therefore, the emperor sanctifies the dead by holding Buddhist chanting sutras meeting. In Huasheng temple, the emperor meets Xuanzang who is enlightened by the Goddess of Mercy and Mucha and decides to get Dasheng Buddhist books to deliver all living creatures from torment and keep the prosperity of the country.