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Ginkgo of Yuntai Mountain

Author:Huaguo Mountain scenic spot

Ginkgo is the city tree of Lianyungang city. The alias of ginkgo alias includes biloba, gongsun tree, duck-foot tree, palm-leaf fan, and it belongs to gymnosperms. Ginkgo is a deciduous tree, flowering in May and becoming mature in October. Its fruit is orange-yellow seeds drupe. Ginkgo biloba is a relict plant, because all other plants in the same category have been extinct from the earth. It is also the eldest relict plant in gymnosperms, thus it is known as nature's living fossil. The varieties include yellow-leaf ginkgo, tower shaped ginkgo, split ginkgo, pendant ginkgo, spot -leaf ginkgo. Ginkgo grows very slowly, but it has extremely long life. It takes about 20 years to bear fruits, and 40 years to bear a large amount of fruits. Its life span could reach to thousands of years. The existing 3500 year old ginkgo still has luxuriant foliage, spreading branches and abundant fruits.